The Grave Saver™

Grave Savers™ come in 3 popular sizes, fitting most common grave markers, for stone with smooth or rough cut edges. Simply measure your grave marker, and choose which size Grave Saver™ works for you.
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Grave Saver™ Grave Monument Border

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Grave Saver Grave Marker Border

Welcome to JM Monument; home of the Grave Saver™. At JM Monument we offer a vast array of services to help preserve the memory of your loved ones. We install grave monuments, grave monument accessories, grave stones, headstones, footstones, and the Grave Saver™. We also offer grave marker cleaning services, monument cleaning services, and gravestone cleaning services. JM Monument is dedicated to helping to preserve the memory of your loved ones. We strive to keep memorials pristine and provide memorials that leave a lasting impression just as your loved ones left a lasting impression on your life.

Grave Saver™ Grave Markers

The Grave Saver™ is a more durable, and more cost-effective, grave marker border that not only keeps your loved-one’s grave marker level, and prevents it from sinking, but also keeps grass and other overgrowth out of the way. Along with being more durable, and affordable, the Grave Saver™ is also easier to install than a typical cement border which can crack, heave, and sink especially in harsher weather conditions. The Grave Saver™ is also covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact JM Monument today by calling (218) 929-2662.

The Grave Saver™ is 100%

US Patent D608,975S

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Made From Recyclable Material

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