Before and After Grave Saver Monument Accessory is Installed.

The Grave Saver™ Grave Marker Border

One of the biggest challenges I face in the cemetery monument business is maintaining my customers’ grave sites. Over time, grave markers start to sink in the ground and become overgrown with grass. Grave markers can weigh about 100 pounds and all the force of that weight pushes straight down which causes the markers to sink.

I see a lot people every Memorial Day weekend trying to carve out the grass from around their family grave markers and every year the stones sink farther and farther into the ground. This is why I invented the Grave Saver™. It can be installed by anybody, and done at a reasonable price. The Grave Saver™ keeps the cemetery markers of your loved ones’ memorials presentable year after year. Your loved ones made lasting impressions on your life so make their memorials lasting impressions.

What Is A Grave Saver™?

The Grave Saver™ is a low cost, low maintenance way to preserve and enhance your family’s cemetery grave site. The Grave Saver™ has a patented design which prevents grave markers from sinking into the ground and being overgrown with grass. It does this by evenly distributing the weight of the grave marker onto the flanges which sit above the uncut sod. This keeps the grave markers from sinking and also prevents grass from growing over the markers. The Grave Saver™ comes in three sizes that fit the most popular sizes of grave marker stones; those sizes are:
Model 1123 Grave Saver™ will accommodate grave marker sizes 10x20x4 and smaller.
Model 1224 Grave Saver™ will accommodate grave marker sizes 12x24x4 smooth cut and smaller.
Model 1325 Grave Saver™ will accommodate grave marker sizes 12x24x4 rough cut markers.

What Are Grave Savers™ Made Of?

The Grave Saver™ is made from high density polyethylene, or HDPE, which is environmentally safe and a recyclable material. HDPE is the perfect material for the Grave Saver™ because it is not damaged by direct sunlight and it will not swell, splinter, crack, or be damaged in any way from weather. Additionally HDPE will not stain, is chemically and corrosive resistant, and is completely safe for the environment.

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US Patent D608,975S

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