Sinking Monument Repair & Headstone Leveling Service

At JM Monument we also offer sinking monument repair services. Headstones have a tendency to sink into the ground and become overgrown with grass. This is because these grave markers can weigh 100 pounds or more. This causes the gravestones to sink further and further into the ground as time goes on. One way to prevent this issue is by hiring a contractor to lay down a cement base around the grave marker. However, this can be an expensive process. This brings us to the next option for sinking gravestone repair. That option is the Grave Saver™. The Grave Saver™ is an innovative product made from an earth friendly and recycled material known as high density polyethylene. The Grave Saver™ is highly durable and easy to install, and evenly distributes the weight of the gravestone onto the outer flanges which rest on the earth. This distribution prevents the gravestone from sinking and also prevents grass from growing over the gravestone. If you are in need of sinking gravestone repair services, or would like more information regarding the Grave Saver™, call the professionals of JM Monument at 218-929-2662 or send an email to

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US Patent D608,975S

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