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A Cemetery Accessory To Prevent Overgrowth

I’ve had many comments regarding my cemetery patented invention called the Grave Saver and I would like to share them to the readers out there. Just last week, I installed one of the grave savers for a family from California. Their mother had passed away and they buried her in Buhl, Minnesota. The family sent […]

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Sinking Footstone Cemetery Maintanence

Be Creative With Your Cemetery Footstone Is your family member’s footstone at the cemetery sinking and covered with grass? JM Monument has a patented invention called the Grave Saver that will remedy that problem and eliminate sinking grave stones. The Grave Saver is made from a durable HDPE (high density polyethylene) and will withstand the […]

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Cemetery Associations Looking To Cut Costs and Maintenance

Cemetery Associations Can Add to Their Profits JM Monument has a patented product for use as a cemetery product. It’s called the Grave Saver. It allows the user to place their existing cemetery foot marker within the Grave Saver. This product will prevent the grave marker from sinking into the ground and becoming overrun with […]

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A Cemetery Footstone Invention

Footstone Invention

Several years ago, I got into the business of selling cemetery monuments and footstones. My company is called JM Monument. While selling monuments and grave markers, I discovered that folks were looking for ways to protect their loved one’s cemetery footstones and memorials. Many family members do not reside in the area, and maintenance was […]

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