Footstone InventionSeveral years ago, I got into the business of selling cemetery monuments and footstones. My company is called JM Monument. While selling monuments and grave markers, I discovered that folks were looking for ways to protect their loved one’s cemetery footstones and memorials. Many family members do not reside in the area, and maintenance was an issue for them. Their footstones at the local cemetery were sinking and becoming overrun with grass and weeds.

So, as part of my business, I began installing a cement border around the cemetery footstones. This became an attractive and popular idea for family members. This discouraged the grass & weeds from overcoming the foot stone & prevented thee foot stone from sinking in the ground. However, this process was very labor intensive, time consuming, and I found that over time the cement will crack or sink into the ground.

They say that inventions come about because people want to make work and life easier. Well, I did just that. I figured out a way to make a form and contacted a plastic manufacturer to make a mold for me. I had several made up. The plastic mold worked great. I named my invention the Grave Saver and also patented the idea. This product solves the problem of the overgrowth of vegetation on a cemetery footstone & prevents the footstone from sinking in the ground. It is made from a durable plastic and can withstand even the coldest of Minnesota winters and the abuse from lawn mowers.

The grave saver is a great product and enhances the appearance and longevity of the cemetery footstone. My customers have liked this product very much.