Cemetery Associations Looking To Cut Costs and Maintenance

Cemetery Associations Can Add to Their Profits

Grave Saver InventorJM Monument has a patented product for use as a cemetery product. It’s called the Grave Saver. It allows the user to place their existing cemetery foot marker within the Grave Saver. This product will prevent the grave marker from sinking into the ground and becoming overrun with grass and weeds. This product would be a welcome addition for any cemetery association to sell as a cemetery foot stone accessory item.
My initial business was with the individual customer. However, several years ago, I approached the Greenwood and Calvary Cemetery Associations in Virginia, Minnesota. These particular cemetery associations exclusively install the grave headstones and foot-stones for the family and did not allow for any type of border on the grave markers within their cemeteries. I attended an Association meeting and demonstrated the Grave Saver product to the members. They were impressed and thought this would be a good idea for a cemetery monument accessory.
At the time, the Associations were skeptical, but they allowed me to install one Grave Saver into the ground in order to see just how it would hold up through a northern Minnesota winter and mowing of grass. I installed the grave saver into a Veteran’s footstone.
The following summer, the Associations contacted me and presented me with the exclusive contractual rights to provide them with the Grave Saver for use in their cemetery. To date, they have installed over five hundred Grave Savers. The product is very appealing to family members. In addition, the associations have generated a healthy profit margin for their financial statements.


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