Sinking Footstone Cemetery Maintanence

Be Creative With Your Cemetery Footstone

Is your family member’s footstone at the cemetery sinking and covered with grass? JM Monument has a patented invention called the Grave Saver that will remedy that problem and eliminate sinking grave stones. The Grave Saver is made from a durable HDPE (high density polyethylene) and will withstand the harshest of weather temperatures as well as abuse from lawn mowers.

Installation is simple. Lift the existing cemetery foot-stone out of the ground and in its place put a Grave Saver. If required, add some soil or sand to the bottom of the existing hole in the ground. Place the footstone into the Grave Saver. It should sit somewhat flush with the ground.

Now for the fun part. The Grave Saver provides ample space in order to add small decorative rocks, sea shells, colored glass, sand or even marbles around the edges of a bevel or slant footstone. A person could go to any craft or hobby store and find some clever ideas to place around the edges of the Grave Saver in order to enhance the appearance of the stone, the cemetery, or to emphasize the personality of the deceased.

Some cemeteries do not allow any flowers or ornaments to be placed at the grave site. However, the grave saver would allow people to add some decoration and color to an otherwise boring appearance of a foot stone in the ground.

The Grave Saver allows people to be creative and adds some happiness to their loved ones final resting place.


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